About Us

About EOC Institute

Welcome to the Exploration of Consciousness Research Institute, or as we are better known, EOC Institute.

In the beginning, EOC Institute was established with the aim of sharing the powerful life-transforming effects of advanced brainwave entrainment audio technology with people who wish to enhance themselves on all levels, including their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Equipped with highly sophisticated brainwave technology that is based on years of advanced methods of ongoing research, EOC Institute provides its customers with the best option available for life enhancement and consciousness exploration.

Our brainwave technology, known as EquiSync, is a highly powerful tool designed for people to reach highly advanced states of meditation, creating the extremely fertile environment necessary for each person to reach their ultimate potential and self-realization.

With the original methods of brainwave audio technology often being highly overpriced and virtually unchanged over the decades, EOC Institute sought to make dramatic improvements in the field while keeping the cost at an affordable level. After many years of ongoing research and experimentation, we developed our proprietary version of the technology, known by people all over the world as Equisync. You can think of Equisync as a dramatically intensified version of brainwave entrainment audio technology, eliciting a more powerful result for users, yielding far greater meditative benefits in much less time, with a very affordable price tag. EquiSync has improved the lives of tens of thousands of people all around the world, letting them see and feel the astonishing benefits that precisely designed brainwave technology has to offer.

With every member of our customer support team having an abundance of personal experience with EquiSync, we always provide excellent customer service by individually answering your specific questions. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact us anytime at info@eocinstitute.org